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6 Unique ways to Blow Balloons Without Using Your Mouth.

how to blow a balloon without using your mouth

Balloons are a classic party accessory, but blowing them up by mouth can be difficult and unsanitary. Luckily, there are several ways to Blow balloons without using your mouth. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most effective and creative ways to blow up balloons using everyday items.

Use a Balloon Pump to blow balloons

how to blow a balloon without using your mouth
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Use a Bottle and Science

Believe it or not, you can also blow up a balloon with a water bottle. Start by filling the water bottle about one-third of the way with vinegar or lemon juice. Then, add baking soda to the bottle and quickly attach the balloon to the top. The mixture will react with the baking soda and produce carbon dioxide, inflating the balloon. Read this Blog post for more info.

Use a Hair Dryer

If you don’t have a balloon pump, use a hair dryer to inflate your balloons. Set the hair dryer to the cool setting and hold the balloon’s opening over the nozzle. As you blow cool air into the balloon, it will slowly inflate. Once the balloon is nearly inflated, switch the hair dryer to the hot setting and continue inflating it until it reaches the desired size.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a blower function, you can use it to blow up your balloons. Attach the balloon’s opening to the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and turn it on. The vacuum cleaner will blow air into the balloon and inflate it to the desired size. Hold the balloon tightly, as it can be blown out of your hand if it increases too quickly.

Use a Bicycle Pump

You can use a bicycle pump to inflate your balloons if you have a bicycle pump. Attach the pump’s nozzle to the balloon’s opening and start pumping air into it. It may take a bit longer than a balloon pump, but it’s a great option if you can’t access one.

Use a Straw

You can use a straw to blow up a balloon in a pinch. Insert the straw into the balloon’s opening and blow air into it. It will take longer than other methods, but it’s a great option if you’re in a hurry and don’t have access to other tools.

In conclusion, there are many ways to inflate balloons without using your mouth. Whether you have a balloon pump, a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner, a bicycle pump, or straw, you can easily blow up balloons for your next party or event. Using these methods is not only more sanitary, but it’s also easier and more efficient than blowing up balloons by mouth. So next time you’re planning a party, be sure to have one of these tools on hand to make the inflating balloons a breeze!

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