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ENT clinical notes and 7 Cases and discussion videos from White Army YouTube Channel

Hello! I am a medical student. I really like the videos on White Army’s YouTube Channel. But one challenge I faced is that their videos are so long that it is impossible to watch the video again. So that is when I thought of making notes or a database sort of thing to compile all the information together. I started with ENT and compiled information from various sources but most of the information is from the white army videos. To access the notes you need to create a free notion account. You can suggest changes by commenting down below or sending a message using the contact form. You can also suggest edits by directly commenting on the notion database. If you have notes made from the videos or if you want to be a part of this project, contact me.

You can also download the ENT notes as a pdf file. But the notes are incomplete in certain places.

ENT clinical cases

ENT Clinical cases and discussion

Nasal Polyp: Clinical Case Presentation

Nasal Mass: Clinical Case Presentation

Deviated Nasal Septum: Clinical case presentation

Tonsillitis: Clinical case presentation

ASOM: Clinical case presentation

CSOM: Clinical case presentation

Oral cavity malignancy: clinical case presentation

Ear discharge: Clinical Discussion

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