7 ENT Clinical cases and discussion videos from White Army YouTube Channel

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Table of Contents

Collection of all ENT clinical cases uploaded on White Army YouTube Channel.


White Army is a popular youtube channel providing free educational videos to medical students. The videos in this post are embedded from their YouTube channel, meaning the video content embedded in this post is owned by the White Army YouTube Channel. This post is made to organize information from their YouTube Channel. This website has no official connection with White Army YouTube Channel, although I do watch and learn from their videos.

ENT clinical cases

ENT Clinical cases and discussion

Nasal Polyp: Clinical Case Presentation

Nasal Mass: Clinical Case Presentation

Deviated Nasal Septum: Clinical case presentation

Tonsillitis: Clinical case presentation

ASOM: Clinical case presentation

CSOM: Clinical case presentation

Oral cavity malignancy: clinical case presentation

Ear discharge: Clinical Discussion

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