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5 Important scoring systems in surgery for Med Students

I tried to compile 5 important scoring systems in surgery for UG medical students.

Glasgow coma scale

scoring systems in surgery. Glasgow coma scale mnemonic

Minimum score: 3 and Maximum score : 15

Tip to remember.

  • Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is a very popular term in India. The components of the Glasgow coma scale can be remembered using EVM: Eye-opening response, Verbal Response, Motor response.
  • The maximum possible score for each component is 4,5,6 respectively i.e able to open eyes spontaneously, oriented, and is able to move on his own.
  • The minimum possible score for each component is 1: No Response
  • It is easy to remember if you think of it verbally. I tried to write the same below. Try to understand as you read along.

Eye opening response:

  • Minimum Score 1: No response
  • Score 2: Eyes open only when you inflict pain
  • Score 3: Eyes open when you call his/her name
  • Maximum: Score 4: He/She can spontaneously open eyes

Verbal Response:

  • Minimum Score 1: No response – Not talking at all.
  • Score 2: Just making sounds
  • Score 3: Able to speak a few words, but they don’t make sense
  • Score 4: Talking but confused
  • Maximum Score 5: Oriented

Motor Response

  • Minimum Score 1: No response
  • Score 2: Extension on pain
  • Score 3: Flexion on pain
  • Score 4: When you inflict pain, he/she withdraws away from the stimulus
  • Score 5: When you inflict pain, he/she tries to move towards the stimulus
  • Maximum Score 6: Moving on his own or able to follow your commands

Pupil reactivity score


A higher pupillary reactivity score is assigned to non-reactive pupils. So it is more like “Pupil Unreactivity Score” (Don’t write this in your exams. This is just to help you remember)

Reactivity to lightPupil Reactivity Score
Both pupils are reactive0
Only one pupil is reactive1
Neither pupil is reactive2

GCS-P Score

Glasgow Coma Scale Pupils Score is given as:


The GCS-P is calculated by subtracting the Pupil Reactivity Score (PRS) from the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) total score.

Revised Trauma Score

Screenshot 2021 06 27 1.14.00 PM 5 Important scoring systems in surgery for Med Students
  • It has three components:
    • Glasgow coma scale
    • Systolic Blood Pressure
    • Respiratory rate
  • It is used at the triage center.
  • A lower score means higher severity

qSOFA Score

Quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA) score

Component of qSOFA scoreScore
Respiratory rate > 22/min1
Altered mental status (GCS<15)1
Systolic BP < 100mmHg1

The qSOFA score (also known as quickSOFA) is a bedside prompt that may identify patients with suspected infection who are at greater risk for a poor outcome outside the intensive care unit (ICU).

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