6 Important dyes used in Ophthalmology

important dyes used in ophthalmology

Important dyes used in ophthalmology Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to another episode of the med dose podcast by sciencetidings.com Today I am going to talk about various dyes used in ophthalmology. This podcast can help you in the 3rd year of MBBS as well as in your competitive exams. Just like every time, the transcript […]

Abnormal Morphologies and inclusions of RBC

04 12 2020 red blood cells background 53562 6792 21129761 Abnormal Morphologies and inclusions of RBC

Hello! Welcome to med-dose podcast. Today we are going to look at abnormal morphologies of Red blood cells and various inclusions that might be present in RBC. Transcript for this podcast is available on sciencetidings.com. You can find the link in description of this episode on your favourite podcast app. Let’s get this started without […]