Why do Indian women apply turmeric to their feet? and its benefits.

women applying turmeric to her feet. Turmeric on feet.

The answer to the question – “Why do women apply turmeric on their feet?” has something to do with the medicinal properties of turmeric.

I have already said in my previous posts that turmeric acts as an anti-oxidant(Read here)

and it also acts as an anti-cancer agent(Read here-under research). 

Turmeric also has some other astonishing properties like

  1. It is a powerful antibiotic.
  2. It helps heal wounds faster and more.

Why do women apply turmeric on their feet?

The scenario.

In ancient times women are the ones who work primarily in the kitchen, and Indians don’t have the habit of wearing sandals, etc., in the house. So their feet are exposed to water on the floor, and they also stand for a lot of time on the hard floor. Also, their feet are already sensitive. It puts pressure on their feet and leads to cracks on their feet. Here comes the use of turmeric.

  1. Turmeric is an antibiotic. So turmeric kills the microbes on the feet( which may enter through cracks) and prevent further infection.
  2. Turmeric itself heals these cracks on feet. Nowadays, women apply certain creams to fight these cracks. Indian women used turmeric to fight them.

It surprises me when I think, from where did they get this knowledge? Anyway, now you know the reason, use it, and see the benefits for yourself. Let me know your thought on why do Indian women apply turmeric?